14th Hole at Seminole Golf Club

I was lucky enough to get to spend a day at Seminole Golf Club and the entire experience exceeded all of the hype. The 14th hole stands out in my memory for multiple reasons and though there may be other holes on the property considered harder or more picturesque, this was my favorite. The 510 yard par 5 is straight away off of the tee but requires accuracy to avoid the 4 fairway bunkers and the water on the left. The uphill approach shot into this green is no picnic as it is guarded on all sides by very deep bunkers and the green slopes very severely from back to front. Many have heard stories of people missing putts at Seminole and the ball rolling off of the green and down into a deep bunker, well I witnessed this very occurrence by my playing partner that day. Seminole is a bucket list golf course for every golfer in the world and each hole has you pinching yourself to make sure you aren’t dreaming. The 14th encompasses all of the course’s greatness in one hole for me, a hole that rewards good shots and provides a scoring opportunity, while punishing poor shots and putting a big number on your scorecard.