3 Ball Drill

The 3 ball drill will not only help a player hit draws & fades on demand but it can also help you make your swing more dependable.
Line up 3 balls in a triangle pattern with 2 balls on your toe line about a club length outside each foot and the point of the triangle will be the ball you hit. Let’s number the balls 1,2&3 starting with the ball furthest away from the target as #1, the ball you’ll hit is #2 and the ball closest to the target is #3.
To hit a draw swing along the line between ball 1 & ball 2 and shake hands with the target with your bottom hand. This gets the path of club moving in to out enough so that the face will be closed to that path. If you want to hit a fade, swing along the line between 2 & 3 and if you want to make your swing more neutral swing over ball 1, hit ball 2 and follow through over ball 3.