3 Drills I’ve Used Before

*Here are 3 great drills below (that I have used many times before) to teach my students how to improve their backswings.*

1. The Full Length Mirror Drill:
It really helps to see the positions you’re in while you make them so that the next time you have to repeat that correct position over the ball, you can do it purely by feel with no visual. So, try to get in front of a full length mirror as much as you can to see and feel yourself in the right positions, both from a face on and down the line view.

2. The Set Drill:
There are 3 parts to the swing (in my opinion). We can talk about them more in detail if you want to contact me at a later point for a lesson. They are set, turn and swing. That’s just what I call the 3 parts of the swing and it really is that mechanically simple. The rest of it lies between your ears and in the middle of your chest! So, the set drill is a drill where you work on setting the club with your non-dominant hand in the backswing to create a 90 degree angle with the shaft and your non-dominant arm. There’s more to it than that, but that’s a good start. That first move back really sets you up for a lot of success or failure.

3. The 1 Hand Sand Wedge Drill:
If you have taken lessons with me, I encourage many of my students to do this drill, as if your backswing is off, you’re sure to fail. It’s the 1 hand sand wedge drill. If you come to understand the basics of set, turn and swing in the golf swing with me, one of the best ways to practice with your first 1/4 balls or so on the range is to hit non-dominant hand / arm (one hand / arm) sand wedges. Just try to make solid contact and get the ball anywhere in the air with some distance to start and then build up to more full swings. This is also a great drill to build trust, which is a huge part of any good swing!