3 simple training aids for a fresh start in 2023

Okay you will need the following.

1) A box- one that clubs come in
2) Grip trainer- like a normal grip but has a mold for position of your hands
3) Well- Putt putting mats

Everyday when I teach, I use simple training aids.

1) For players with out to in path which can cause slice and shank, I use a box and set it next to the toe of the club. If they make a swing and don’t hit the box, they made a change. If they hit the box they did it wrong.
2) Grip trainers help people with feedback on how to grip the club. Players with weak grips and overly strong grips will usually end up making compensations in the swing for a shut or open face.
The compensations usually lead to inconsistencies in ball striking, direction and short game.
3) Well Putt Putting mats- they are great to practice indoors and have lines to help with alignment and stroke length.