Tempo is all about finding your MESS

Playing with a player with wonderful tempo it rubs off on you and helps immensely. Tempo is all about finding your MESS. (Your most effective swinging speed) Everyone has one, you just have to find it.

Each club has its own tempo due to its length difference, they are not all the same even though you try to keep the tempo the same. Performance of tempo is achieved by “level of effort” remaining within the players ability and not trying for speeds above ability. Ie a 100 yard par three is within almost everyone’s ability to reach but a par three at 225 yards takes a greater level of effort to get there, for most with a destruction of their MESS! Answer…keep the level of effort to normal and to keep a smoothness of tempo without violence, take enough club that you know will reach, not one that you have to thrash! Brian Harmon Vs De Chambeau two different swings in their MESS.