A Couple Big Common Issues

Here are the 2 most common problems I see with beginner golfers.

The first is the slice. It is a common problem amongst many beginners because most beginner golfers don’t usually know how to grip the club properly, which has a direct affect on club face angle through impact and side spin.

The second most common problem I’ve seen with beginner golfers is topping the ball. This is a really common problem with beginners (maybe even more common than the slice) simply because they just haven’t developed the hand-eye coordination skills yet to deliver the club head into the ball first and then the ground with each and every swing, except for the driver.

I strongly recommend if you’re picking up the game for the first time that you take lessons right away with an experienced and trained teaching professional in your area (with several good reviews) to avoid having to deal with these two very common issues that many beginners have to face. It should make golf more enjoyable, speed up your progress and greatly reduce your struggles towards playing better golf. Good luck and may you also go low!