A couple of remedies:

Over the Top is a result of starting the swing aggressively from the upper body. Strong trailing arm muscling down to the ball. The lower body is sluggish and out of sync. Of course there are other faults that cause over the top… A couple of remedies: 1 – create a gate to swing through. Maybe two head covers, two balls… For a right handed player, place one head cover slightly forward and inside of the ball and the 2nd head cover slightly back and outside the ball. This will create an inside to out visual for the club head to swing through. More aggressively, place two impact bags in the same positions. 2 – Stand bag drill… place a stand bag with the base of the bag behind the ball on the target line. The bag will be at the same angle as the club at address. The player should see this in his peripheral vision. Take practice swings… backswing over the bag, downswing under the bag. Hit some balls with 1/2 swings and work towards the full swing.