A Few Factors

I see a lot of beginners who top the ball and catch it thin a lot. I always tell them that this is a lot of times not such a swing issue, but rather a simple matter of just hitting the ground solid more consistently through impact by returning the club head to where it started (grounded behind the ball). Oftentimes the reason people have trouble with this is related to posture (standing too erect or not maintaining the correct posture through impact), their grip pressure being too tight, or sometimes it’s also related to their angle of attack not being steep enough in their downswing.

So, I usually like to teach my students to just bend more from the waist, hang loose with their grip pressure and feel like they’re making a relaxed up & down swing, letting the club drop/free fall onto the ball from the top of their backswing. This will let the club bottom out more naturally through impact, as I really don’t like to tell people too much to swing down at the ball since the golf swing should never feel forced like you’re chopping wood, but rather more smooth, loose and rhythmic.