A good grip is the key to good golf!

Grip position and pressure.

Proper grip position and grip pressure are two of the most important fundamentals in the game. It is very important to understand and establish both for any player who wishes to play the game at a high level and consistently strike the ball well.

In general, the club should be held tight enough to control it, but light enough for the hands to react, set, and release properly. Sam Snead said it best,” hold the club as if you are holding a bird. Hold on enough to control it, but don’t hurt it”.
Ideally, we should be able to see the back of the top hand, (around 2-3 knuckles, or at least the label of your glove on the top hand as you look down, or straight on into a mirror. We are all unique in our timing, and amount of effort, so each individual should explore and adjust the position of the hands and pressure to match their own swing.

My best advice is to have a qualified PGA Professional help you with this area, and not leave it to chance. Developing comfort and confidence in a good grip is huge!!! Establishing a poor grip can be devastating, and the game is challenging enough when everything is perfect! Lastly, a molded training grip is a good idea for new players! Have your PGA Pro put one on an old club correctly and practice with it!

As always, play well and have fun out there.