A playing lesson

The very best thing to do is to buy a playing lesson where the teaching Professional can Observe you on the field of play. He can see what you are doing in all situations which does not happen on the teaching tee. He can video situations where mistakes were made and take care of them then and there. He can demonstrate your fault and have you correct that on course. The teacher can discuss what you need to do to combat course management issues in situation. It’s the best money you can spend.

The teaching tee can then be specifically geared to what weakness has to be taken care of. Could be poor strategy, could be mental, could be poor club choice or shot choice to name a few. You learn how to save strokes and how to Properly golf your ball. For teaching excellence playing lessons of even just a few holes can have immediate success for the student.

“This Playing lesson was the best thing I ever did, I learned so much more about becoming a better player and it was not about my swing.” student.