A Shift in Business

Uncertain times will always create a change in business. As more golfers are staying at home and disposable income is drying up, it is important for golf courses and coaches to find ways to make their services accessible and affordable, while staying profitable. Myself and a coworker are using this as an opportunity to create an online content site that people pay a small monthly fee. We had discussed the idea previously, but didn’t have the motivation to go through with the idea. Now that we don’t have access to our students in person, we believe it is the right time to create a digital platform that allows us to remain connected with our students.

We believe it is the right decision long term for our business and our students. If a student does not want to pay to come take a lesson 2-4 times a month, they now have the option to take a lesson every 4-6 weeks and supplement it with our online service. This way we are still bringing in revenue, despite the downturn in lesson volume from individual students. I am personally very excited about this project and look forward to seeing the creative solutions that the golf industry comes up with to thrive in uncertain times.