A simple plan to develop focus, confidence and improve your mental game!

Yogi Berra once said ( referring to baseball) “the game is 90% mental and the other half is physical!” I agree with him 140 percent when talking about golf!!!

Most golfers don’t come anywhere close to performing at their potential and capability, simply because they don’t manage the rational thought process for becoming strong mentally! Actually most don’t address this area at all. Everyone should spend some time exploring this area to become a good player. I define a “good” player as someone who plays to their given ability without sabotaging themselves with self-doubt, nervous tension, random effort, or simply by getting too emotionally involved in the outcome of the shot or score.

Developed from playing, and observing great players over the years, here is a simple, tried and true method to build a strong mental golf game. Understand that there are no shortcuts or exceptions!

Confidence and the ability to focus and play the game well are developed through a good honest evaluation of your past and present performance. We can’t always play well, but we can ALWAYS control how we behave, prepare, warm-up, commit to our routine, and simply put our best effort every time we practice and play. All shots should have equal value, whether it is on the range or on the course. Include these elements in your practice and playing routine. Learn to take a deep breath and relax, learn to trust your routine, and swing. Learn to identify your best effort, put that into every shot, accept the outcome, and move on to the next! There is no guarantee of a good shot at that moment, but it does guarantee that you will hit more solid shots than you would otherwise!!!!!

Its really about quality and not quantity!
Go out, relax, have fun, and hit every shot you play with your best effort!