Adapting to Adaptive Coaching

A teacher must be able to adapt to the needs of students. No where is this more apparent than a situation where one is instructing a golfer with adaptive needs.

Asking questions of a person with adaptive needs maybe a delicate situation but some discovery needs to be done to better understand the students challenges and what will be required to proceed.

I have taught and continue to teach students with a variety of adaptive needs from sight impaired to stroke recovery including amputees, para golfers, hearing impaired, PTSD, TBI and other illness, injury and challenge. My experience has been that just as all students are incomparably different, the adaptive needs golfer is as well. Prior to the lesson search out all that you can about your adaptive needs student. Talk with the students medical providers. If the student is in therapy invite the physical therapist to attend the lessons.
Surround yourself with medical professionals who know and understand the adaptive needs environment and listen to there advice and suggestions.