AIDS are nothing more than a crutch.

I don’t think Faxon , Crenshaw, Nickalas and Palmer ever used any aids for putting. AIDS are great until you take them away. They build confidence until there gone and then the worst possible thing for putting, panic sets in.

Ever go to baseball spring training? Look around all you see is gloves, bats and balls. They develop there feel and let natural instincts take over.

The best tip putting I ever got was in the Crenshaw book. He said putting is like painting a fence you hands and arms flow with the brush. You are not thinking about anything just the flow of the stroke. AIDS take away all that and make putting just the opposite, controlled and thinking of every stoke.

Tiger only ever used just two tees so I guess if I had to pick one it would be what the best ever used. The great putters on tour most are not using any aids if the are then they are struggling. Like Phil recently, in his prime there was never any aids to be found.