Alignment and optics

The path on which you swing the club is where the ball will initially launch, as your ball flight. If you are not hitting the ball on your intended line of flight, you probably could be lining up wrong. You get comfortable with a set up and swear your okay, but it is an optical illusion.

The simplest of all corrective methods is to go to the practice range a lay a club down and aim the club down on your target line. Now set your stance parallel to the club in front of you. If it feels different, it should. Hitting several shots will ingrain a new feeling of the set up.

I often tell my students that the best way not to regress back to your old habit is to work on your address routine. As you address the ball, step forward with your back foot.and aim your clubface at the target. Next, place your feet together and step toward the target with the front foot. Then ,step directly back with the trailing foot. At this point you are also controlling the ball placement in your stance. If it is a driver you are swinging, it will be a little step flaring the the front foot , to set the teed ball toward your left heel. then a bigger step with the back foot, but this must be directly away fro the target. The width of the stance should be about or a little more than your body width.

The address routine has four things that need to be on your checklist: Grip, clubface alignment, stance and the proper posture, Every good player has a similar routine. If done correctly with diligence, on every shot, you won’t have problems with your aim.