Backswing Secrets: Key Fundamentals

Improving the backswing is a mighty goal of many players- even top professionals work on this part of the swing! However, it’s important to realize that a good backswing is derived from a quality grip and set-up position paired with athletic body motion in the takeaway. If these fundamentals are correct, the backswing becomes more of a result of athleticism, rather than mere positions a player must consciously work on.

If you struggle with gripping the club in a way that accurately controls the club face and allows for proper wrist motion, see a local professional who can provide some direction. The grip is critical in allowing a player to load the club in a powerful manner whilst providing control of the face. If the grip is misaligned a good backswing becomes nearly impossible. The grip matters- make sure yours is functional.

Next, set-up elements of body alignment and posture factor are key. Assure an athletic stance that allows for good range of motion. Many amateurs set-up unbalanced- make sure your weight is in the middle of your feet- not out on the toes or back on the heels.

Lastly, a player’s body motion (sequencing) in the takeaway has a tremendous effect on what the club, hands, and arms will do in the backswing. I prefer to see players make a small but early shift into their trail side immediately in the takeaway. By the time the club is halfway back, you should feel like the transition has already begun.

Focusing attention on the grip, set-up, and takeaway will provide the most backswing dividends for the majority of amateur players.