Be Yourself

Most amateurs who’ve had a taste of golf get sucked into the thought that there’s a perfect way to swing to club. I try to impress on amateurs interested in improving that often the one piece of the swing they neglect is to take advantage of the skills they already possess, rather than trying to fit into a certain mold of motion. You could have a student with great flexibility that tries to box themselves into a restricted positions. You could have a student with exceptional hand-eye coordination that tries to robotically achieve static positions rather than feel the weight of the club as it moves.

Great teachers, whether in golf or the classroom, try to find what students are good at and modify their instruction methods to students to get the best out of each individual by how they learn, and what they’re already good at. If you’re an amateur taking a lesson and the teacher doesn’t take these things into consideration, there are teachers out there who will. Oftentimes, your gut instinct can be more productive than an instructors’ philosophy. There’s so many great golf instructors in the world, find one who fits you, and cares about your success more than their success.