Bend from waist for proper posture

I like to my students have a good sequence that can be repeated and have check points along the way.

1. Start by standing tall with back straight.

2. Spread feet apart about shoulder width to make the letter “A”.

3. While standing straight extend your arms out and put your hands together with club in hands

4. Drop the hands down with club so that the hands are in line with the waist and the grip end is pointing at the waistline to make the letter “Y”.

5. Stick your posterior out while maintaining a straight back and straight knees.

6. Bend at waist with good posture and straight knees until the club is resting on the surface while the grip end is pointing at your waistline. The hands then should be located over the toes.

7. Bend the knees slightly. Too much knee flex can inhibit proper hip rotation during the swing.

I will have my students practice this over and over until it becomes more second nature. It is always good to use a reflection, like a mirror, to check good angles and posture.