Bent Over Single Leg Row or Twist

The exercise I think most people can do and benefit from is a Bent Over Single Leg Row or Twist. The great thing about this exercise is you don’t even need weight to benefit from this exercise. How: Standing with your feet together, slightly bend one leg and hinge at your waist while extending your other leg straight behind you. The goal is to get your back as parallel to the floor as possible. Engage your core to maintain balance. With weights you can use dumbbells to then perform a row motion and pinch your shoulder blades together as you bring the dumbbells up. Without weights, let your hands hang down toward the floor, directly under your chest. Then rotate your torso open and raise your opposite arm toward the sky. For example, if you are balancing on your left leg, rotate your torso to open up to your right side and point your right arm to the sky. All while trying to keep your spine parallel to the ground. Again, this exercise is great for working on core engagement, balance, as well as, hip mobility and stability.