Best way to get spin on chip shots

Every shot that you hit has spin on it (well struck shots have backspin and poorly struck shots may have forward spin) but they all have some kind of spin. In order to get more backspin for stopping power, here are the three things you’ll need. A clean face, good clean contact on the ball and finally a premium golf ball.

First is a clean clubface that is not worn out… The reason you need a clean clubface is so you can get the friction from the clubface to impart spin to the shot. The grooves do not impart spin on the ball, they only move water away from the face so the it can make contact with the ball.

Second is clean contact onto the ball… If you bounce into the ball or don’t get the leading edge or bounce (depending on the type of shot desired) of the club to where the bottom of the ball is on the ground, you won’t have a solid shot and spin can be lost.
Last is a premium golf ball… A premium golf ball will impart the most spin because the elastomer cover is softer and allows it to happen more easily. Harder, more durable surlyn covers won’t impart as much spin as the premium ball so you may have to think about buying a new ball to help with this part of it.

The reason that better golfers can get more stopping power on the ball as opposed to a high handicapper is the consistency of their contact and they use premium balls. When the higher handicapper makes good contact but can’t seem to get the ball to stop look at your clubface and your golf ball. It just may lead to lower scores!!!

Good Luck!!!