Bryson DeChambeau will win because of his length & overall ability to score

Bryson DeChambeau will win because of his length & overall ability to score, he’s also influencing sports betting and will be promoting DraftKings! He’s changing the game! He’s figured out how to beat the golf course vs the players. Jack, Tiger and others dominated the other players, Bryson is dominating the golf courses utilizing fitness & technology. I respect his courage. The Golf Manufacturer’s along with the governing bodies of golf have allowed this to happen. The integrity of the game has been compromised at NO fault of the players! Imagine aluminum bats in the Major Leagues?

I believe golf is a combination of physical & emotional skill, equipment (technology), Course designs and Competion formats that all combine to test a player. It requires a balance of left brain and right brain attributes. They are supposed to be in balance but today, the creativity of shot-making skills has been reduced to A Good Tee Shot, A Wedge & Putt. Great golf venues are now all but obsolete and the big hitter who can make a few putts takes the prize. Might be exciting for some but I sure liked the days when a player needed to work the ball and “feel” their way around the golf course as well. Robotic golf without the Ballesteros emotion is boring. Soon everyone will pound it 350 yards! At 58, maybe I’m just a disgruntled older guy that can’t do that ? LOL