Bryson’s Putting Works

He finished 10th in SG Putting for the 2020 season. There is a lot of value here. Bryson has matched up his putting to his equipment and how he processes information to make him a great putter.

If you want to do a straight back straight thru (SBST) stroke then you need a putter with an upright lie. Bryson’s putter is at the limit for lie angle, 80 degrees. This means the putter face does not need to rotate as much to be square compared to a standard putter of 70 degrees lie angle. If you are trying to do SBST get a putter more upright this should make it easier to accomplish the task.

The next thing to emulate is Bryson’s speed control. He hits the ball in sweet spot a lot so face and path control are great. This is based on what I said above. This allows him to have great control of his speed. Bryson has discovered checkpoints for himself with his stroke to hit certain distances. If you are a more analytical learner this may be great for you on how to decide to hit putts. He turns those check points into feels so he can be consistent with speed. Bryson discusses this topic on a segment on Chris Cuomo’s Swing Expedition.

No matter what your feelings are about Bryson; Bryson is an excellent putter. There are things worth emulating if you have the right equipment.