Building A Better Routine

I find that most golfers fail to have a consistent routine. They fail in having a process oriented mind. They fail to be confident because they have no clue why or how they got over the ball and then pull the trigger with absolute mindlessness.

In order to become a “player” rather than a “hacker”, one needs to buy in to the fact that the game of golf is mostly between the ears. It involves a precise and repeated routine involving intent and strong visualization.

Transfer to the course from the range is difficult for most golfers because they change the way they think and feel once they get over the ball. If they were to understand that at least 80% of the swing happens in the pre-shot routine and the setup, they would trust their swing.
So my players get better when they become process oriented. They build a better routine that they can practice on the range and then transfer to the course because they have practiced the shots through visualization drills. They have hit those shots in their mind so many times that when they get to the real hole it’s as they have been there before. Confidence increases and scores go down.