Bump & Run, Gets it Done!

Green side chip shots are made easy when you maximize ground-time and minimize-air time! The bump and run shot is a great “go-to“ shot, around the green, more times than not! Play the ball in the back of your stance, lean the golf shaft forward, use a lower lofted club (like a 9-iron or even a 7-iron) and swing the club head low to the ground going back and keep it low coming through. No wrists here, this shot calls for a putting stroke type swing. You will chip the ball low, using this technique, so the ball will bump into the ground in front of the green and run up onto the green and to the hole. Keep it simple! Think putting stroke when you hit your green-side bump and run, to get it done! Enjoy!

Adam C. Smith, PGA Go To Green Side Golf Shot from Adam Smith, PGA on Vimeo.