Carry on! Golf is good Therapy.

Greetings all. We hope you and your families are all safe and in good health.

This an interesting and challenging time in all of our lives, and I believe we will get through this and have a better world when this “thing” is well behind us. Perhaps we will all have a much greater appreciation for everything!! In the meantime, we need to carry on and remember to stay safe and fit both physically and mentally.

The game of golf is good therapy for both.

Assuming that all will be considerate and use good care and common sense, a golf course can be set up with raised cups, no rakes and an extended the “gimme” circle of 5 feet, and no touching the flagstick! If the area government allows and as circumstances dictate, individuals may choose to get out and recreate. If you can’t afford to pay right now (shop is set up outside) or don’t want any contact, I will take care of the fees for you, or you can square it up later. We all must abide by our local government mandates. So when acceptable, recreation (golf) is good for the mind , body, and soul!

Also, I feel regardless of your ability to get to the golf course, you can still have productive practice and a golf-specific workout at home.
I recommend you develop a program that includes practicing your putting skills,(on the carpet) chipping,(in the back yard or on the porch) as well as full swing feel and flexibility (definitely in the yard!) for a number of reasons.

1 It promotes health and fitness,

2 It is good therapy to keep your mind focused and committed to your quality of life and the game of golf. Recreation is important to happiness and well being!

3 It will keep you in touch with your game and confidence when playing becomes available again. You might even improve if you take my advice and practice exaggerated good habits! ( In an example, swing slow and smooth, keep your head extra steady and still, stretch out the backswing for power,) Etc.

I have also issued a TITLEIST home practice challenge for all of ou PGA Juniors and all students and golf friends. We award prizes for goals such as a sleeve of Titleist Pro Vs for five 10 five-foot putts in a row ETC.

Go to oldeschoolgolfschool instagram to view and accept. I encourage all students to keep in touch. call or message for advice on home practice or just to talk golf!

Go well . Be safe and healthy
Bob K