Change Your Focus

A lot of my students feel nervous when they find themselves in fairway bunkers. However, fairway bunkers do not have to be a make-or-break shot in your golf round. Simply, change your focus.

The next time you find yourself in a fairway bunker, follow these simple steps to get your golf ball out of the sand, and hopefully on (or near) the green. First, choke up a bit on the club. This makes the club a bit shorter, which will help you “pick” the ball out of the sand. When you shorten a club, you may want to also club up, as the ball will not fly quite as far. Second, dig in to the sand with your feet and stand tall. You want to make sure you avoid sliding around in the bunker with your feet. Lastly, change your focus. I want you to now look at the front of the golf ball.

Sounds different? Feels different? When was there a time that you lined up to any golf shot and looked at the front of the golf ball? Maybe never. Well, that is going to change today. Simply look at the front of the golf ball and you will likely never hit the sand before the ball.

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