Charles Howell III

Without Question it’s Charles Howell III. A can’t miss kid with early success, but can you believe he’s been on the PGA Tour for TWENTY years? He only has THREE wins (his last two were twelve years apart), but over $38,000,000.00 in tournament earnings. The reason for this selection is that golf is HARD. Anyone can play, but only 1% are great. It’s hard to compete at that level, it’s hard to consistently play well, it’s hard to grind out your career, it’s hard not to be relatively unsuccessful and continue, and it’s hard to persevere for so long. Not everyone will succeed in golf, but the relentless pursuit and endless hours of practice to be “average” is what makes his story one of the finest in golf.

He provides a story that reflects 99% of Professional golfers, generally unsuccessful in his own mind but always grinding to stay alive in the game.