Choose Your Poison

Fast, severely sloped greens create three putts. Assuming your stroke is decent, try to minimize your 3-putts with a realistic strategy for any specific putt. What I mean is this: You are unlikely to 3-putt from 15 feet, (in fact, your 50% sink distance is probably only about 5 feet), but you are also unlikely to sink it. So putt for distance control. But from 50 feet, you are very likely to three putt, and will likely be a bit off line. While you hope to get as close as you can, trying too hard, and being mostly successful can result in a very bad “leave”–a four footer on the wrong side of the hole. You must take into account that leaving yourself with a ten foot uphill putt is preferable to a sidehill 4 footer. So don’t be afraid to make a mistake with your distance to err on the best side of the hole.