Choosing an instructor

The truth is that the answer is simple: trial and error. You need to find a quality teacher whose teaching style connects with your learning capabilities. But don’t expect any teacher to improve your game by ten shots, because that is not their job–it’s yours! Their job is to analyze your game, determine what tools you need to advance as you seek, give you those tools, and monitor progress.

Unfortunately, too many don’t understand the importance of the last step–monitoring progress–and never get the improvement we seek due to lack of feedback. Why? Because we all filter the information we are given through past experience and attempts at learning and misinterpret what we are told the first time. We need the follow up sessions to clarify, redirect, and refocus. Without that, we are shoveling smoke with a pitchfork. So don’t be afraid to invest in the process of trying a few, and selecting an instructor who is a match for you.