Clubs should fit like shoes

There is no one shoe size fits all and no two swings are the same so clubs should fit the individual golfer.

Drivers, fairway metals, hybrids, irons, wedges and putters all can be individually fitted to match the technique and skills the player has also helping greatly with performance . I have my own club specs and have had for many years, every two years when the new Titleist models come out I go to a fitting. The length, lofts and lie remain close to the same. I look for a stronger sound of the ball coming off the clubface and a better feel of the club from the handle. The shaft transmits the flex I like, more flex and lighter weight as I get older. Grip size thickness and length can be a game changer so try some that are different.

There is such a great choice of manufacturer now. And that can get confusing, it’s one reason to go where several manufacturers are on hand, you can try them all. I never moved around manufacturers. I love top research and development, Titleist have always had the very best of all . They are the only company to have several departments each to its own special clubs.
One for Drivers they have 5 choices, fairway metals and Hybrids, one section solely for developing irons, they have 6 models, one department for Vokey wedges the best in the world, one for the world renowned Scotty Cameron putters. How could you go wrong!

What ever you choose spend the time and go thru a full fitting or a wedge or putter fitting, you will be a very happy golfer and we want that.