Common core elements of good golf swings

I always tell students “the golf ball doesn’t care what your swing looks like.” This is why you see SO many different looking backswings on the professional level. If you slow the video down, and watch from when the club is about hip high in the downswing, all the way through impact, you’re going to see some massive similarities in all of those swings! It’s important that you build a backswing that helps YOU get into better positions and be more efficient coming into impact.

Learn the tendencies of the greats:

1) The clubhead is almost always coming from inside of the hands into impact
2) The best of the best are rotating their body so that their chest and hips are OPEN at impact
3) The best of the best are good at controlling the depth and location of their low point at the bottom.

If you control those 3 keys, you’ll be striking the ball better than ever in no time!