Control in the wind

To help get better control in a windy situation, first you need to question is the wind into me or going with me.

If the wind is going with you. Don’t think “grip it and rip it” off the tee. That may lead into an over swing and that’s never good. Think make a full back swing and accelerate my body through impact, do no let me arms take over. This will give you solid impact and acceleration at and through the ball. Helping create speed and height to get the ball to travel with the wind.

If the wind is into your face.
Club up, move the ball back around 1 ball length, and choke down a half inch.
After making these adjustments. We are going to make a very controlled and smooth swing. Maintain control, balance, and rhythm for this swing. This isn’t about how far you can hit it, it’s about how well you can strike it.

The harder we swing when the wind is into our face, the more the wind will effect the ball flight and have the ball coming up short of your target.