Create good spacing and a consistent club path

When it comes to consistent center of face contact the address position is the first area to consider. I call it “spacing”. This is achieved by understanding both the vertical and horizontal. Meaning how much spine bend (vertical) and how far from the ball (horizontal) does one need. Both can affect how the club is delivered into the ball. Having too much spine bend can create heel contact and not enough spine bend can create toe contact. Standing too far from the ball can lead to toe contact and too close can lead to heel contact.

The other area to consider is club path. Coming too far from inside or from outside can have an influence of either heel or toe contact. The use of video is a great way to understand your own tendencies. I also recommend using face tape or other methods such as a powder that help pinpoint the contact mistake. I like to play a game called “where did I hit it on the face game”. Making a guess on where you think you hit on the face then look to see where you actually hit it on the face. This is a great game to learn feel. I would then use aids located next to ball to figure out where the path is coming from and then use them to make adjustments to not hit the aids

The combination of set up and club path are the keys to consistent pure contact.