It depends. In my world of junior golfers, the right fit is key because trying to play golf with clubs that are too long and too heavy usually creates a non-golfer. Almost completely gone are the days when dad takes a hacksaw to his old set so that they are close the right length but way to heavy & stiff. However, we still see kids show up for lessons with “Junior” clubs that don’t fit. Use this analogy when thinking about your kids golf experience…Let’s say the child wants to run track or play soccer. Would you ever consider giving him your shoes because they’ll grow into them or because they are clearly a better quality shoe? No, they would trip, stumble, fall down and eventually kick them off so they can run. We fit by height and use the U.S. Kids Golf Ultra Light clubs to get our beginners started right. They have 9 sizes so you can fit any kid between 39″ tall and 63″ tall with the right size, right shaft flex, and right weight for an inexpensive price.

For beginner adults, especially women, it’s also important to get some clubs that are the right length, weight & shaft flex for the same reason. If you use some old clubs lent to you by your well meaning friend, chances are you’ll reach the conclusion that this game is just too hard for you. However, get a few clubs that are the right specs and the game will come much easier.

For the avid adults & juniors, a complete fitting session is well worth the trouble and expense. A good fitter can optimize your ball flight, distance and control by piecing together the right head, shaft & grip size. An avid golfer would be one who plays more than once per month. A set of clubs, custom fit for you will last several years. The only club you may want to get re-fit for every couple of years is the driver because the advancements are worth a few extra yards, every couple of years.

So, for beginners; Get clubs that make the game easy. Focus on light weight, right length, and shaft flex. The grip should be the right diameter too. In fact, it’s a good idea to get your first club with a training grip installed.

For the avid golfer; Get a fitting. It will save you a few shots per round and perhaps give you reason to play more.