Distance Control from Bunkers

Bunkers are (or at least should be) the easiest shot in golf – it’s an intentional mishit. In fact, bunkers are where I make the only guarantee in my teaching. I’ll make you better in 30-minutes or you don’t pay me.

So when it comes to distance control in bunkers, I believe you can both change clubs and open or shut the face more or less to effect distance. For example, a short-sided or high face bunker requires lots of loft and clubhead speed. Lay that face open and swing away.

Conversely, a 30-50 yard bunker shot can be hit with a pitching wedge or even a 9-iron USING THE SAME TECHNIQUE as the sorter shot. The ball will come out lower and release more, but it’ll cover the distance.

Play with this in the practice bunker at your home course because as with all short game related shots – it’s about feel (learning how the ball reacts to the swing you make).