Don’t Be A Punk!

Fitness in golf can sometimes work to give you a competitive edge, that is if you work the right muscle groups. I really like to (also have my students) focus on opposite hand and arm strength, as the swing is an opposite hand and arm swing. Forearm raises and wrist curls (especially with the opposite hand and arm), along with swinging weighted clubs can help improve club head speed. Cardio and lifting can also help to prevent injuries, that is unless you have some preexisting conditions. If you do, I would take it real easy on that or even stay away from it altogether.*

The truth is that golf is really a game of technique, finesse and coordination. That’s why you even see little ladies (and on tour) hitting the ball far past many (even) big and strong guys. With my extreme past experience playing blood sports so well (especially) like high level tackle football (and even in baseball), the truth is that you don’t have to be some physical specimen to play the sport of golf well and hit the ball long and straight.*

Flexibility (also usually) goes a lot longer way in producing the best combination of distance and accuracy in golf than brute strength. A lot of (especially 1 sport wonder) golf pros want you to believe that you have to be some completely fit He-Man to play your best golf, when in fact they really just want you to believe that they’re such athletic specimens and studs. Smart course management, “mental” toughness and solid physical fundamentals are really the recipe.* Let’s face it, I’ve seen many little ladies, scrawny young kids and teenagers, along with older and out of shape golfers hit the ball plenty far enough, straight and score very well too. Heck, you can even smoke your stogie or eat your lunch (and sip on your Margarita) as you leisurely stroll the fairways between shots in this sport of golf! It’s a beautiful thing.*