DON'T Keep Your Head Down!

Don’t keep your head down! There are a few reasons why this advice is detrimental to making a good golf swing. I think all golfers would agree, the golf swing has a starting position and a finish position. At the finish, the golfer’s weight should be balanced mostly on the left foot (RH golfer) and the torso and hips should face the target. Keeping one’s head down does not allow the golfer to complete the swing and arrive at a balanced finish. Next, if the golfer is trying to swing the golf club with energy AND he/she is trying to keep their head down, this could lead to neck injury.

Once again, swinging the golf club with energy and completing the motion is not compatible with the concept that one needs to keep the head down. Lastly, keeping your head down will not eliminate ‘topped shots.’ To reduce topped shots, focus on allowing the club to brush the grass on the way to the finish. The head will remain steady in order to brush the grass but do not keep it ‘down.’ In a nutshell, allowing the head to release during the forward swing will produce a beautiful ‘tv’ finish, lead to better shot contact, and a reduced chance for injury. Enjoy!