Don’t Overlook the Importance of Clean Clubs

We all have at one point or another carried the dual golf brush with the soft and wire brush. And it worked just fine. Scrub the club and wipe it off. But typically I’d have to carry a wet towel with me as well to help keep out the grooves.

I have found a company called Caddy Splash that makes a Water Brush. It has a reservoir that you fill with water and when it comes time to clean your clubs you just squeeze and scrub.

Why do I feel something like this is so important? Because it makes keeping your clubs clean all that easier, faster, and overall more effective. Hitting a wedge shot with clean grooves over dirty ones can be the difference of that ball checking and stopping for a short birdie or releasing.
On top of that. Keeping taking care of and keeping our clubs clean will make them last longer and we all know clubs are not cheap.

Keep your clubs clean so you can be rewarded for your great shots.

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