DRILL: Place 4 tees around the hole (on the practice green of course)

We have all heard the saying coined by golf professional Arthur D’Arcy “Bobby” Locke, “You drive for show, but putt for dough”. Well, sometimes putting for dough means lagging your ball to the hole so you can make the next putt and move to the next hole.

I have a fun drill that I love to share with my clients to support them in lagging successfully. First, if you feel you can make the putt, GO FOR IT! If you don’t feel it is makable, then let’s make sure the next putt is a “gimmie”.

DRILL: Place 4 tees around the hole (on the practice green of course) at the 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock positions about the size of a large garbage can diameter around the hole. Then take 5 to 10 balls across the green so you have a lengthy putt. The first series of putts should be with your EYES OPEN, putting the ball so your ball stops within the 4 tees. After several rounds of putting in this format, do this same drill with your EYES CLOSED! During this exercise, it is important that you FEEL the putting stroke and see it in your mind. With drills, you are not always looking for a result.

Practicing this drill sets you up for a successful lag resulting in a 2 putt. It will also create a mindset of getting the ball close to the hole and feeling the stroke. When you see and feel the stroke you will be more confident that you can lag it close and make the next putt.

After you have worked on this drill for awhile, move to different lengths and breaks in the green. To help improve your accuracy, try placing the tees closer to the hole, shrinking the diameter of your target area. Your confidence will greatly improve creating a better putting stroke resulting in more accurate putts!

TIP: Always think about where you want your next putt to be after the lag. Leaving yourself a straight uphill putt would be optimal. The key in lagging is to set yourself up for success by making sure your next putt is an easy one! BAM – Now you will be putting for dough!

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Have fun, play hard, feel great and lag well!