Drive Your Trailing Hip Up To Hit Down

Students ask me all the time…how do I hit down on the ball and take a divot? I always answer…why are you trying to do that…you will hurt yourself. The truth is that when a person is postured correctly their legs will work correctly.

Good posture in golf is similar to curling weights in the gym. If you push your backside out and reach with your arms in the gym while curling weights, your arms will pop out of socket. If you set up up with your elbows on your rib cage in golf like you would in the gym and grip the club, you will be correct. As you swing back your spine should should pivot in the same direction the clubhead is swinging. If that happens, then you will be in position to use your legs and drive your trailing hip up as you swing through the ball. That in effect will make the club hit down on the ball. You do not have to try and supinate your lead wrist or intentionally try and create lag. As you drive up and through the ball, the bottom of your swing will be in front of the ball and the clubhead will be descending down without you trying to hit down due to gravity and centrifugal force. In other words, hitting down on the ball is an effect of a good golf swing not a cause.