Easiest way to hit a draw

The easiest way to hit a draw is to close the club face relative to the SWING PATH at impact. For most weekend golfers, this will result in a PULL DRAW where you would have to aim to the right of the target with your feet and body to get the ball to finish on target.

The easiest way to do this is with your grip first, and then your release. Leave the club square and rotate BOTH hands CLOCKWISE on the grip until the Vs between your thumbs and index fingers both point to the right of the right shoulder. Then aim your feet and body at the right edge of the safe zone. DO NOT aim where a straight shot will get you in trouble.

During the swing, focus on twisting the grip with your left hand like a SCREWDRIVER as you approach the ball. This will close the face to the swing path and curve the ball to the left.

Now for the harder, but correct way to hit a draw;
To hit the draw that you see the pros hit on TV, where the ball leaves to the right and comes back to the center, you will need to shift your swing path to the right or IN TO OUT. This is the better draw because the ball goes a lot higher and you can keep aiming at your target. Once your swing path is to the right (you will know because your straight ball will be a push), we still want to close the face to the path a little, but NOT the target. Adjust your grip as stated above, but not as much. The face still needs to point a little RIGHT of the target at impact. Aim directly at your target and focus on swinging IN to OUT. If you have adjusted the grip correctly, your ball should push a little right, then draw back to center.

This is harder to do because changing your swing path is a major swing change. I highly recommend finding a swing coach to help you make the changes the right way.