Feel and React vs. Measure and Execute

I’d categorize Bryson DeChambeau’s putting technique as perfect for him but not for everyone. What I mean by that is, his method of gathering data like the distance, the gradient of the slope, the speed of the green etc. then making a back and through swing measured by distance works for him. It wouldn’t work for me because I’m more of a look and shoot person. That simply means I feel and see the slope with my feet & eyes then find a target that makes sense for the distance and direction.

First I stand fairly close to the hole so that I can move around the hole to find the fall line, or the straight uphill line. Knowing the fall line gives me a line on the clock face to aim at for both distance and direction. It’s a best guess and frees me up to aim at the spot on the fall line, commit to hitting the putt to that spot on the fall line (allowing the slope and gravity to move the ball towards the hole) and as my eyes work from that spot back to the ball I begin my backswing. This is as close to looking at the target while putting as I’m personally comfortable with.

The biggest factor in deciding which way to go is to understand your own personality and what motivates you. Bryson get’s turned on by data so that he can get what motivates him, which is Certainty. Another player might get lost in that data because it isn’t what naturally gets him or her motivated. The 4 motivators that form our decisions and actions are; Goals, Relationships, Security, and Certainty. The folks that are motivated more by goals and relationships would be more; See it, Feel it, Trust it type people and the folks that are more security and certainty driven would be more comfortable with the Measure and Execute method.

Most teachers of…well pretty much anything are more than likely on the security and certainty side of things so they will like Bryson’s method because it has data and is more concrete feeling to them. Those of us though that are more goals, & relationship driven will not enjoy all the data and would rather Feel & React to a target. Find what works for you and commit to it. Also, find a teacher that is motivated like you or at least understands the differences.