Feel is Real...

Feel is Real…

I believe golf is a game that is played by feel after you have developed a fundamental golf swing which is repeatable and confident. Once you have developed the fundamentals it’s all about the target and less on the golf ball and mechanics. There is no perfect swing; only the one you develop within yourself.

Play by feel, not by thought. I will give you a strategy I teach my students to be more target focused, and to be able to play by feel on the golf course.

Box 1

The Preparation Box
When you are in this box you are analyzing the situation. Check the lie first, distance to the target, identify your intermediate target, and play lie accordingly. Strategy is a huge part of the game, and this is the time in your pre-shot routine to make the right choice.

Box 2

The Rehearsal Box
When in this box it’s time to think about the mechanics; what you are working on in your golf swing. To keep things simple, never have more than 1-2 thoughts circulating in your head. Practice the feel you are training the body to execute in the shot.

Box 3

The Play box
“PLAY.” You and only you are in this box. Focus on the target, relax, let it go and just swing. Commit to the target and lose all responsibility.