Five minutes of practice swings in the backyard, Daily.

One of the best things that all golfers can do, when they are pinched for time and cannot make it to the range, is to do five minutes of practice swings in the backyard, Daily. Often times, simply gripping a club, getting in golf posture and exercising the proper golf swing motion is ample practice. Every golfer can be productive, visualizing golf thoughts while physically making golf swing motions for five minutes every day. Simple tips include, but are not limited to: Keep your head still. Use soft grip pressure. Get in the proper athletic posture. Focus on your balance and rhythm, while swinging. Breathe deeply. Stay relaxed. And smile a lot.

Remember, we don’t always have to make a journey to the range and hit golf balls in order to practice golf. Try daily practice swings at home to physically train your tempo and mentally train your focus. Have fun!