Fix That Slice!

Are you slicing the ball? Are you frustrated? Let’s fix it! The most common error that amateur golfers make, which leads to a slice, is poor alignment! When your feet are aimed one way and your shoulders are aimed another way, you’re in trouble! I find that with most right-handed golfers who SLICE, poor alignment comes from your feet aiming to the right and your shoulders aiming to the left. During a lesson, I stand behind my students and hold an alignment rod across their shoulders. Then, I ask them to look at the target so that they can see how far to the left the alignment rod is pointing. This means the golfers shoulders are “open.” Open is to the left of the target. The result is a golf swing path that swings to the left, every time! Characteristically known as “over the top.“ Fix this problem easily!!! Here’s how: Get two alignment rods. Lay one of them on the ground, a foot from your golf ball and pointing at the target. Hold the second alignment ride across your shoulders and take your address position over the ball. Make sure that the alignment rod that you are holding across your shoulders is parallel to the one that you placed on the ground. Are you square to the target, with both your feet and your shoulders? If not, then wiggle around a bit at address, until you can get your shoulders pointing at the target and parallel to alignment rod on the ground. You’re ready now! You will fix that “path left, over the top move” that is causing you to SLICE!

Enjoy! (Visit your local PGA Golf Professional from more help)!