Focus on Rhythm and Balance to improve Tempo!

When we watch good golfers, it is easy to notice the beautiful Tempo they demonstrate. How did they get that consistent Tempo? Most skilled golfers have practiced (many, many hours) and been taught how to utilize the synchronization of their body and the club to produce a rhythmic and balanced golf swing.

For the average golfer, a simple way to improve your Tempo is to simply swing your golf club of choice (or even better, swing an Orange Whip Trainer) back and forth in a pendulum manner. I start out with small swings (like a long putt) and gradually increasing the length of the swing on the back and forward swing until I reach my full Driver swing. I don’t stop between swings, I continue back and forth for 10-20 swings. Once I’m comfortably balanced on each swing, I gradually increase my pace so that my swing is more powerful, but never at the cost of balance.

By doing this simple drill daily, you will develop the best Tempo you’ve ever felt! I didn’t invent this drill, it has been around forever, check out the YouTube video of Ben Hogan demonstrating this on the Ed Sullivan show! Good luck and remember, smooth Rhythm and Balance lead to improved Tempo!