From the Green Back

When I have someone that wants to improve their scoring ability, lower their handicap, or just shave shots. We start at the green and work our way back. Improving distance control and flight control from inside 100 yards is the best way to help lower your score. The best players in the world work countless hours on their control in the scoring zone (inside 100 yards).

With our competitive players in our academy we do a number of drills over the winter months to help stay sharp where we set targets from inside 100 yards and run tests with proximity. We give each player a certain number of shots and they receive a score based on proximity to the hole for each shot. Much like a small combine.

As an Instructor, the biggest irritation I see in the general public is what people practice and they way they practice. They buy bucket and buckets of range balls, trying to figure out how to hit it straight, when what they need to figure out is how far they hit it and how to hit it so far.