Full Swing Alignment

When it comes to alignment, a lot of people are really misinformed. They think it’s to aim “just their feet” directly at the target, when in actuality it’s to aim your feet, knees, hips and shoulders “parallel left of the target” so when you reach with the club to make your swing you’re actually aiming the ball at the target (avoiding the outside push miss).

For practice (on the range) it’s not a bad idea to lie down a club or alignment stick (pointing at your target) that you can line up your feet and body line parallel to in order to learn and engrain the feel of proper alignment.

For play (on the course) start by always approaching each shot from behind the ball and picking a spot in the distance where you want the ball to go (like a tree or just whatever). Then, as you walk into the shot, pick a spot on the ground (just a short distance in front of you) in the same line as the spot you picked in the distance. This was the Nicklaus’ technique and it is very useful, as so many targets that we aim at in golf are oftentimes so far away that it’s easy to misalign ourselves.