Get it on the Ground! (as soon as possible)

When deciding what shot to play around the green, use the guideline that you want to get the ball on the ground as soon as conditions will let you. Why? Frankly there are a number of reasons, but the main one has to do with the fact that if bring the ball in with height, you become much more dependent on how firm the green is. The problem is that you don’t know exactly how firm the green is and there’s no way to tell until after you hit! When you bring the ball in low, you know what the ball is going to do: It’s going to run. Try using your 8 iron first. When you get more comfortable, try using some different clubs. I’ll use anything from my pitching wedge all the way to my 6 iron. My coach used to call it a “putt that has a little airtime.” Give it a try!