Get PGA HOPE Certified

I had no idea how creative you have to get to teach people with disabilities until I went through the PGA HOPE training class with Judy Alvarez. She taught us to think outside the box. We had to put ourselves in situations that emulate an adaptive golfer. We had to use special equipment that had different length and lie clubs that were extremely different from standard. And then the techniques used to swing change is you are wheelchair bound or missing a limb or blind in one eye or both, etc. As a result, you might as need to create different tee heights that are different than normal to accommodate the extreme changes in equipment based on the limitations.

When teaching adaptive golfers, the most important thing is just getting the ball in the air and make sure they are having fun doing it. So don’t worry about USGA regulations. Just help these folks to have a great time while showing them that anything is possible if we put our minds to it!